Essential Information

1) Wholesale orders can be manufactured based on designs provided by the buyer.

2) It is also possible to manufacture wholesale jewelry with a design picked from our website.

3) Gemstones can be selected by the buyer, we can provide jewelry with natural and synthetic gemstones. 

4) Prices for wholesale jewelry orders will reflect the size of the order. 

5) The Q.C process can be customized based on the requirement of the buyer. 

6) Production lead time will be mutually agreed before the order is confirmed. 

7) Mode of shipping, shipping charges and packaging specifications can be mutually negotiated. 

8) Contact Us At sales@chic24x7.com with any queries that you might have.

While the prices quoted on the online store are relevant for retail purchases, Chic24x7 is also fully geared to fulfill wholesale silver jewelry orders.  Prices for wholesale 925 silver jewelry orders will be discussed when details of the order are known. It might be of interest to know that, this online project showcases two decades of experience in executing large volume jewelry orders. We continue to provide jewelry production services to multi store operators and television channels across the globe. Chic24x7 is one of the very few Thai silver jewelry providers, with a strong background in the supply and demand sides of the jewelry industry. 

Tel: +668 22266372     sales@chic24x7.com
1249/95 Gems Tower, Floor 9A
Charoenkrung Road, Suriyawong
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500