Shipping And Returns

Shipping Options And Notes.

We provide three shipping options for you to choose from. Shipping costs get displayed at the checkout stage. We might just be able to offer other shipping options if, your order is large. You can always email us at with your questions or requirements related to shipping. Below are the details for each shipping option.

1) Registered Post: This is done through the Thai postal system and does not include the option for web tracking. Expect your parcel to reach you within 8 to 10 working days. We would not recommend this shipping option for parcels that are valued more than 200 USD. 

2) EMS (Express Mail Service): Also operated through the Thai postal system, this mode of shipment does include web tracking. Shipping time required to reach destination can be around 4 to 5 working days. For parcels valued at 1,000 USD and above, we would recommend FEDEX as the shipping service. 

3) Fedex: This is the most suited shipment option for high priced parcels, you should consider picking this option for parcels worth 1,000 USD or more. Web tracking is provided and the parcel should you reach you within 3 to 4 working days. 


1) Returns will be accepted only in the case of manufacturing defects or where, the product received does not match the description provided on the website. In the case of wholesale or large volume orders where, the merchandise was manufactured as per order, returns will be mutually negotiated on a case by case basis.  

2) The merchandise must be returned within 10 days of being received. 

3) The returned merchandise could be replaced if mutually agreed. In such a case, the time required for replacement will be clearly disclosed. 

4) In the case where a refund is preferred for the return, payment will be made through Paypal . The payment will be processed within 3 working days counted, from the date of receipt.

5) Returns will be accepted only in cases where, the merchandise retains the condition in which it was received by the buyer. Exceptions to this requirement will be made on a case to case basis. 

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