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There is a growing awareness about jewelry and gemstones in particular. Jewelry lovers have expanded their selections from the big three (ruby, sapphire and emerald) to include the entire array of natural colored gemstones. Whether you happen to be an ardent gemstone jewelry lover or a seller, it is always a great idea to increase your knowledge about every aspect of this amazing colorful industry. Learning about the history, tradition and customs related to gems will allow you to better appreciate the grace, beauty and significance of your jewelry collection. We have compiled a set of handpicked reports highlighting the features and beauty of the dazzling world of jewelry and gems. Spend some time browsing through the content, there is of course no obligation to make a purchase. 

Earrings Manufacturer In Bangkok Thailand

jewelry manufacturer thailand factory

When building a earring collection for your wholesale or retail jewelry business, you need more than just a factory with a bunch of samples. Earring styles and designs follow a distinct pattern, styles picked by the same jewelry lover can be very different. Trends are important but, not all buyers keep following the fashion and trend scene. This report has some important ideas for you ... more

Buying Jewelry Online, Tips And Notes

buy jewelry online

Online jewelry websites have never been in short supply, picking the right one is what poses the biggest challenge. And yet the fact is that, wholesale and retail jewelry requirements can be fulfilled through online purchase. Once you choose a reputed jewelry source and work on mutually understood requirements, ordering jewelry online can save you time and expenses. We tell you how ... more

Gemstone Treatments, The Facts

gemstone treatment

Gemstone treatments are not new, gem traders had learnt to heat rubies and sapphires for at least half a century. Treated gems can be prettier and clearer than their untreated counterparts. However it is important that, treatments applied to a gem are clearly disclosed. Chic24x7 strongly believes that the buyer needs to be educated and informed about issues related to gems and jewelry ... more

Jewelry Manufacturer In Thailand

jewelry manufacturer thailand

Jewelry manufacturers in Thailand are generally located in or around Bangkok. While the gorgeous country is endowed with talent and artistic skills, you should be working with a Thai jewelry manufacturer who understands your requirements. Chic24x7 with its thorough understanding of international jewelry markets and trends, can do more than just make the jewelry that you wish to order ... more

Closeout Jewelry, No Longer About Leftovers 

closeout jewelry

There was a time when any low quality or substandard jewel was categorized as 'closeout jewelry'. Times have changed and buyers are no longer willing to settle for leftovers. So when you hear that, the closeout jewelry market is dying - you need to understand that all that has changed is buyer attitude and expectations. We update you with some awesome advice and tips for this market ... more

Sterling Silver Jewelry With Ruby Gemstones 

sterling silver jewelry ruby

The rare and exotic ruby featured in a gorgeous range of silver ruby rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. While most jewelers prefer to reserve ruby for big dollar jewelry, Chic24x7 leverages its vast expertise in gems and jewelry and brings the gemstone within the reach of a wide range of jewelry lovers. Review our ruby silver jewelry collection and you will be sure to find something that interests you ... more

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