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With decades of expertise in the complete supply  and demand chain for gemstones and jewelry, Chi24x7 could be called the 'maestro' of the glittering world of bling and color. We welcome both retail and wholesale sterling silver jewelry orders. Besides jewelry crafting which happens to be our first passion, we are also keen to spread knowledge related to the industry to a wide audience. Since we cater to the individual jewelry lover and the the small or large jewelry seller, topics covered in this section would be of interest to a almost anyone connected to gemstones and jewelry. 

Sapphire Necklaces, 925Sterling Silver 

blue sapphire necklace

One of the most stylish, sophisticated and desirable member of the gemstone world, blue sapphire has a loyal following that cuts across age, gender, nationality and geographic location. Chic24x7 celebrates the fascinating blue gemstone in a bevy of sterling silver sapphire necklaces. The gemstones are natural sapphires and the necklaces are affordably priced. Good for formal or informal wear ... more

Silver Jewelry With Natural Birthstones

The practice of wearing birthstones evolved from centuries old traditions and customs. While many jewelers offer silver birthstone rings and other jewelry with synthetic or other man made 'stones', we at Chic24x7 feel that natural birthstones are most appropriate. The online store offers a wide range of designs and styles for you to choose from, all with natural gemstones and affordably priced ... more.

Sterling Silver Rings, Colors Of Sapphire

colors of sapphire sterling silver rings

The world of sapphires became more exciting after science, has proved the existence of sapphires in a range of colors besides blue. Chic24x7 pays tribute to the beauty and creativity of nature in the 'colors of sapphire' ring collection. Crafted in sterling silver, these rings feature a galaxy of sapphire colors - blue, green and pink, an exclusive peek at 925 silver rings with multiple sapphire colors ... more

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